Painters Pride, Inc. has completed over 600 church projects

at more than 140 different churches!

Andover Baptist Church, Andover, MA (2018)

  • Completely rebuilt steeple
  • Constructed full scaffolding to the tip of the spire 
  • Replaced rotted steeple structural beams
  • New flashing to steeple/roof transitions
  • Fabricated and installed new historical steeple moldings
  • Stripped paint to bare wood, repaired, and painted

First Baptist Church, Holden, MA (2015)

  • Stripped completely from historical meetinghouse siding.  
  • Replaced damaged siding and trim
  • Matched, fabricated, and installed moldings to match the historical original 

First Baptist Church of Marlborough, MA (2013)

  • Resided south and back of Victorian-era church and painted

First Baptist Church, Weston, MA (1999, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011, 2019, 2020)

  • Painted sanctuary in 1999
  • Painted parsonage in 2005
  • Painted exterior trim and front columns on historical brick church in 2006
  • Painted steeple in 2010
  • Replaced 4 steeple windows to match existing historical windows in 2010
  • Replace rotted gutter and trim in 2011
  • Repaired and painted water damaged ceilings in parsonage in 2019
  • Painted sanctuary walls in 2020

First Baptist Church of Westwood, MA (2019)

  • Repaired and painted cupula
  • Performed miscellaneous exterior touch ups

First Hopkinton Seventh Day Baptist Church, Ashaway, RI (2014)

  • Painted the interior of the meetinghouse including all walls, trim and the high ceiling

First United Baptist Church, Lowell, MA (2018)

  • Perform remedial carpentry work to the exterior pilaster capitals

Trinity UCC/American Baptist Church, Northborough, MA (2010, 2016)

  • Painted exterior sanctuary trim using lifts
  • Painted exterior fire escape

West Bridgewater Baptist Church, West Bridgewater, MA (2016)

  • Painted the sanctuary interior
  • Painted the church exterior

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, Sudbury, MA (2013, 2014, 2015)

  • Repainted exterior trim on brick church
  • Restored “Blessed Mother” relief
  • Gilded steeple cross
  • Painted pews
  • Painted sanctuary interior walls

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Jamaica Plain (2016)

  • Repaired and matched sand textured walls in chancel damaged by water leak

St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Woburn, MA (2019)

  • Full interior painting of the sanctuary, narthex, and sacristy including the high sanctuary ceiling

St. Camillus Chapel, Whitinsville (2012)

  • Paint chapel ceiling

St. James Catholic Church, Groton (2014, 2015)

  • Paint exterior trim and windows on historical stone church
  • Paint the interior of the sanctuary (walls, ceiling, trim)

St. James Catholic Church, Wellesley (2002)

  • Paint the interior of the sanctuary (walls, ceiling, trim)
  • Paint the exterior trim on a brick church

St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Hopkinton (2017, 2018, 2019)

  • Complete restoration of the nave ceiling including custom stencilling, custom painting, restoring ceiling elements (bosses), and gilding
  • Constructed full interior scaffold
  • Painted interior offices
  • Painted interior chapel
  • Commissioned and designed a new Holy Spirit painting for the chapel

St. Joseph Catholic Church, Medway (2019)

  • Performed emergency plaster repair in the nave caused by water damage
  • Provided budget costs, specifications and consultation on various church projects for the church’s capital campaign

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Medford (2001) 

  • Full painting and restoration of the sanctuary (walls, ceiling, trim)
  • Constructed full interior scaffold

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Pawtucket, RI (2015)

  • Painted the entire sanctuary ceiling using lifts

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Pepperell (2014, 2018)

  • Painted exterior trim on brick church
  • Painted steeple and gilded steeple cross
  • Painted walls in parish hall

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Quincy (2015, 2016)

  • Repaired water-damaged interior sanctuary exposed ceiling beams
  • Painted chancel and nave walls
  • Repaired exterior steeple stucco
  • Painted church exterior (stucco, wood trim, windows) using lifts

St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Foxborough (2017)

  • Performed temporary steeple repair after wind storm. Used lift to reach steeple

St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Franklin (2017, 2018)

  • Replaced entire siding on historic carriage house with new cedar shingles
  • Painted carriage house exterior

St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Holliston, MA (2017, 2018, 2019)

  • Completed exterior touch up to the church including the steeple. Used lifts to access steeple
  • Replaced exterior decorative rosettes with synthetic replicas
  • Rebuild exterior screened-in porch
  • Painted the sanctuary chancel

St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Randolph (2015, 2016)

  • Repaired and painted water damaged areas in the sanctuary, chapel, and parish hall kitchen

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Falmouth (2018)

  • Removed wind-damaged vinyl siding from steeple

St. Susanna’s Catholic Church, Dedham (2005, 2016)

  • Painted the exterior trim on a brick church
  • Painted misc. interior areas in the sanctuary

St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Sherborn (2019)

  • Consulted for the Archdiocese about exterior paint failure and performed tests to determine the best method to correct the paint failure issue

Berkley Congregational Church, Berkley, MA (2012)

  • Repaired rust-stained spire, sealed stains, painted

Broad Brook Congregational Church, Broad Brook, CT (2015)

  • Interior sanctuary-replaced damaged tin ceiling sections; painted ceiling, walls, trim; restored original natural woodwork.
  • Exterior church-repaired damaged wood; painted exterior trim; replaced front columns

Central Congregational Church, Chelmsford, MA (2017)

  • Completed steeple repair work and painted steeple

Central Congregational Church, Newburyport, MA (2018)

  • Fabricated and installed custom historical mahogany moldings for exterior trim
  • Painted exterior trim on brick church

Congregational Church of Needham, MA (2019)

  • Paint exterior trim on the brick church
  • Performed Moderate Risk deleading 

E. Woodstock Congregational Church, E. Woodstock, CT (1998)

  • Paint the exterior of the meetinghouse and steeple

Original Congregational Church, Wrentham, MA (2018)

  • Painted exterior siding and trim on the parish hall and offices

Pilgrim UCC Church, Southborough (2015)

  • Plastered interior sanctuary and painted sanctuary walls

Plymouth Congregational Church, Belmont, MA (2017, 2018)

  • Repaired and painted steeple
  • Painted exterior trim on brick church
  • Replaced classroom and parish hall windows with new 
  • Performed RRP and MR deleading for window replacement and painting
  • Renovated bathroom (floor, walls)

Plymouth Congregational Church, Plymouth, CT (2019)

  • Stripped paint from embossed tin ceiling and repainted

Plymouth UCC, Framingham (1995, 1997)

  • Painted steeple and front columns

South Congregational Church, Peabody, MA (2017)

  • Painted steeple spire

Union Congregational Church, Taunton (2017)

  • Repaired steeple vinyl siding and painted trim using lift

United Church of Christ Main Office, Framingham, MA (2016)

  • Painted office dormers and cupula using lift

Christ and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church-Westport, CT (2017)

  • Prepare and paint exterior trim on historical stone church
  • Restore sanctuary front doors

Christ Episcopal Church, Quincy, MA (2014)

  • Prepared and painted the parish hall including spraying a new textured ceiling
  • Prepared and painted the exterior stained glass windows

Epiphany Episcopal Church, Walpole (2013)

  • Painted the entire interior of the sanctuary

Grace Episcopal Church, Stafford Springs, CT (2015)

  • Replaced structural beams in the steeple
  • Replaced exterior rotted steeple siding and mouldings
  • Prepared and painted the steeple

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Hanover (2016, 2017, 2018)

  • Complete restoration of sanctuary interior after water damage (ceiling, walls, trim)
  • Painted parish hall
  • Replaced exterior vinyl siding

St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church, Dover (1999, 2005, 2010, 2016)

  • Scrape and paint meeting house exterior in 2005
  • Strip paint from exterior clapboards and trim in 2016 and paint
  • Paint interior offices

St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church, Sudbury (2013)

  • Paint the chapel ceiling

St. John’s Episcopal Church, E. Windsor, CT (2018)

  • Paint the exterior of the meeting house
  • Used lifts to reach steeple
  • Paint the steeple and clock face

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Franklin (2017)

  • Paint the entire exterior of the church

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Newtonville (2015, 2016, 2017)

  • Restored sanctuary windows
  • Painted parish hall
  • Installed vinyl replacement windows to offices, parish hall, and classrooms

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Saugus – (2014)

  • Painted the cupula using a lift

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Westwood (2012)

  • Consulted and assessed the damage to the church exterior
  • Used lifts to access work area

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Chelsea (2014)

  • Stabilized exterior stucco and painted the church exterior

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, North Easton (2012)

  • Painted the church exterior
  • Received the town’s historical preservation award for 2012

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Newton Lower Falls (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

  • Completed a full restoration of the historic meetinghouse and including stripping all paint from siding and trim, restoring windows, and replacing historic moldings. Lift was used to reach steeple
  • Completed a full restoration of the meetinghouse interior including repair and painting walls, ceiling, and trim.  Constructed full scaffolding to reach ceiling and upper walls.
  • Restored historic pews.
  • Painted basement classrooms
  • Painted parish hall 

St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Naugatuck, CT (2019)

  • Painted sanctuary walls and high ceiling using lifts

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Natick (2007, 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)

  • Remodelled parish hall kitchen and 2 existing bathrooms
  • Constructed a new parish hall bathroom
  • Installed new vinyl replacement windows and entry doors to parish hall
  • Built a new storage closet and interior handicap ramp
  • Built new basement classrooms
  • Rebuilt exterior handicap ramp
  • Painted exterior trim on brick church
  • Applied roof coating to offices
  • Painted offices, classrooms, and church sacristy

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Beverly (2018)

  • Painted the entire sanctuary, sacristy, narthex, and parlor (walls, ceiling, trim)
  • Painted exterior trim and repaired stucco

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Boston (2013)

  • Painted the sanctuary interior (walls, ceiling, trim)

Trinity Episcopal Church, Hartford, CT (2019)

  • Restored the exterior side of the sanctuary doors

Trinity Episcopal Church, Milford (2018)

  • Painted the interior sanctuary walls

Trinity Episcopal Church, Melrose (2011)

  • Painted the sanctuary exterior using lifts

Trinity Episcopal Church, Shrewsbury (2019)

  • Painted the sanctuary exterior
  • Performed miscellaneous carpentry work

Trinity Episcopal Church, Wrentham (2013)

  • Painted the sanctuary exterior
  • Stripped paint from spire and replaced custom wood mouldings

Bethel Lutheran Church, Worcester, MA (2017)

  • Painted the sanctuary interior

Christ Lutheran Church, Natick (2010)

  • Paint the interior of the sanctuary including the high ceiling.
  • Paint exterior trim on brick church
  • Paint steeple spire

First Lutheran Church of Malden, MA (2018)

  • Repaired and painted the steeple

Zion Lutheran Church, Worcester (2015)

  • Painted the sanctuary interior

Lutheran Social Services (2001, 2003)

  • Painted interior offices

Arnold Mills United Methodist Church, Cumberland, RI (2013)

  • Repaired and painted church cupula

Community United Methodist Church, Wayland (2016, 2017)

  • Repair damaged exterior church trim and paint exterior church aluminum siding
  • Replace steeple clock face with custom mahogany replica including new numbers
  • Power washed parsonage

First United Methodist Church, Meriden, CT (2012)

  • Painted steeple and spire
  • Painted exterior trim on brick church

First United Methodist Church, Stoughton (2017)

  • Replaced rotted sill plate

Fiske Methodist Church, Natick (2001, 2002, 2007)

  • Painted exterior trim on brick church
  • Painted interior offices and windows

Monson/Glendale United Methodist Church, Monson, MA (2014)

  • Stripped paint to bare wood on steeple and painted
  • Painting meetinghouse siding

United Methodist Churches of Westerville, New Haven, CT (2017, 2018, 2019)

  • Replaced collapsed sanctuary ceiling by removing old ceiling, reinforcing ceiling joists, insulating, installing new ceiling and crown moldings.
  • Painted interior sanctuary walls
  • Constructed full scaffolding
  • Removed existing altar and built a new 2-step platform
  • Rebuilt entire steeple including new siding, new support beams, and new flashing.  Painted steeple.
  • Constructed full scaffolding to reach the tip of the steeple.
  • Removed old sanctuary roof and installed new  

United Methodist Church, Sudbury (2001, 2002, 2003)

  • Painted the steeple
  • Painted the parsonage
  • Painted the parish hall kitchen

Bernardston Unitarian Church, Bernardston, MA (2014, 2015, 2016)

  • Plastered and painted sanctuary  

Eliot Church, S. Natick, MA (2005, 2006, 2013, 2017, 2018, 2019)

  • Painted portions of the meetinghouse interior including ceiling in 2005 and 2006
  • Painted front of church in 2006
  • Stripped paint from steeple, front of church and painted in 2013
  • Painted exterior of parish hall in 2017
  • Painted east side of the church exterior in 2019

Federated Church of Ayer, MA

  • Replaced water damaged ceiling in the parish hall

Federated Church of Christ, Brooklyn, CT (2002)

  • Painted the exterior of the meetinghouse including the steeple

First Church of Christ, Unitarian, Lancaster, MA (2018)

  • Painted front brick pilasters 

First Parish of Sterling, MA (2013, 2014)

  • Painted the exterior of the meetinghouse
  • Stripped paint and restored front columns
  • Painted the entire interior of the sanctuary including the high ceiling
  • Painted the exterior of the parish hall and offices

First Parish Unitarian Church, Bridgewater, MA (2017)

  • Painted the exterior of the meetinghouse

First Parish Unitarian Church, Framingham, MA (2015)

  • Painted the exterior trim on the brick meetinghouse

First Parish Unitarian Church, Lexington, MA (2016, 2017, 2018)

Complete exterior steeple and meetinghouse restoration

  • Strip steeple spire to expose lead-coated copper
  • Restore steeple light tower windows
  • Restore clock face
  • Strip paint from remaining steeple surfaces
  • Paint entire steeple
  • Rebuild column bases
  • Complete meetinghouse window restoration
  • Strip all paint from siding and paint the meetinghouse
  • Fabricate and replace historical mouldings
  • Replace damaged wood corbels with synthetic replicas
  • Paint interior parish hall, offices, and entry

First Parish Unitarian Universalists of Ashby, Ashby, MA (2011)

  • Paint the church steeple

First Unitarian Church and Parish, Dedham, MA (2018, 2019)

  • Repair and paint the steeple.
  • Gild/gold leaf the weather vane
  • Prepare and paint the meetinghouse exterior
  • Replace pilaster bases with custom historical mouldings
  • Restore the parish hall by replastering and painting
  • Build 2 storage closets for tables and chairs

First Unitarian Church of Roxbury (Unitarian Urban Ministry)

  • Paint interior office and lounge area
  • Do restoration prototypes to the pews and walls for their capital campaign

First Religious Society Unitarian Universalists, Newburyport, MA (2014, 2015)

  • Award winning restoration of the meetinghouse exterior
  • Repaired steeple, strip paint, paint.
  • Installed custom mouldings to the various historical steeple mouldings
  • Stripped meetinghouse clapboards to bare wood, repair, and paint
  • Restored all meetinghouse windows

United First Parish Church “Presidents Church”, Quincy (2019)

  • Painted exterior trim and windows on historic granite church

Unitarian Church of Hudson & Marlborough, MA (2013)

  • Restored steeple, clock, and spire using lifts
  • Fabricated and replaced historic steeple moulding
  • Gilded spire finial

Unitarian Church of Mendon (2007)

  • Painted the exterior of the meetinghouse and steeple using lifts

Unitarian Universalists Church of Provincetown (2015, 2016, 2017, 2019)

  • Painted one side of the meetinghouse each year.  
  • Stripped paint from the front of the church in 2015 and painted.

Unitarian Universalists Church of Wellesley (2013, 2016)

  • Inspected steeple and made recommendations for its repair
  • Repaired and painted the  steeple.
  • Painted the exterior trim on an historic stone church
  • Painted the chapel interior

Albanian Orthodox Church, Natick (2007, 2008)

  • Painted narthex
  • Painted parish hall

The Christian Science Church, Dedham (1994)

  • Strip paint from front of church and paint

Church of the Nazarene, Framingham (2000)

  • Paint the church exterior

First Presbyterian Church, Waltham (2010)

  • Prepare and paint the interior of the sanctuary

Forest Hills Covenant Church, Jamaica Plain (2017, 2019)

  • Fabricated and replaced all window moulding to match the original profile
  • Restored all exterior windows

Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church, Maynard (2016)

  • Painted the chancel walls

Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church, Allston (2011, 2013, 2017)

  • Prepared and painted the interior of the sanctuary
  • Prepared and painted the exterior of the church including window and stucco repair
  • Painted sections of the rectory exterior

New England Bible Church, N. Andover (2007)

  • Miscellaneous interior painting 

St. Stephen’s Armenian Apostolic Church, Watertown, MA (1994)

  • Painted sanctuary ceiling using lifts